COBRA Compliance Management Offered by the McGlone Agency in Barrington, NJ

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A comprehensive program designed to assist employers meet the total compliance of COBRA's stringent requirements.

Cobra Administrative Services
has been performing complicated and tedious administrative duties for their clients since 1985 when the COBRA Law was passed. Everything from the initial notification, to the collection of premiums, to cancellation actions for nonpayment, to the notification of exhaustion of rights are handled by our experts on your behalf.

In addition, they provide confidential counsel on the difficult issues that occasionally occur. Their clients legal and financial protection is their sole objective.

Complete Compliance Management

  • Legally verifiable notifications
  • Date timing diaries
  • Premium collections
  • Warnings of cancellations
  • Cancellations
  • Client communication
  • Regular reports
  • Newsletters
We also offer both electronic documentation as well as paper file documentation.