Workers Compensation Solutions Offered by the McGlone Agency in Barrington, NJ

To the business community, the cost production of Workers Compensation is both mysterious and volatile!

Without vigilant support from professionals with the necessary expertise, no employer can project their future cost with any degree of accuracy or exercise any degree of control over it!
Payroll-Workers Comapensation in Barrington NJ
Furthermore, what most businesses don't know is that the larger they are, the more plan variations and cost differences exists for them.

We have the Solution by integrating five key elements of effective Workers Compensation management:

Loss Prevention

An intensive, detailed, workable safety and loss prevention plan is designed, implemented and monitored. Costs are never incurred from claims that don't happen. So, how important is Loss Prevention?

Claims Management

Aggressive management of every claim by an independent licensed MCO (Managed Care Organization) is the foundation of our Workers Compensation Solution program. The cost of your Workers Compensation starts here, with the claims themselves; discounted medical expenses, reduced lost-time cost.

Plan Profile Analysis

There are many factors that affect your current Workers Compensation cost, such as; payroll classifications, interstate activity, experience modifications, paid and reserved claims (past and present), rate deviations and MCO rate credits, retrospective rating plan factors or dividend schedules. Any combination of these affect what you ultimately pay. Our Risk Management Consultants possess unparalleled expertise and will analyze your risk/cost profile in order to determine the relative value of your current plan, and prepare for the procurement of alternative offerings that will substantially reduce the cost of your workers compensation!

Broker Relations

An essential component of our solution is the representation of an experienced, knowledgeable, well respected Broker. Successful negotiations with insurers begin and end with a Broker's reputation for competence and integrity. Much more valuable than the size of the firm is the quality of the relationship between a Broker and an insurer's underwriter. It can make a tremendous difference in the cost factors offered.....YOUR COST FACTORS! $$$$

Insurer Selection

Innovative underwriting, experience with Workers Compensation and a serious commitment to our Solution program are the necessary attributes that an insurer must possess to participate.